Jobs boost for furloughed worker

Chris has been on the Fair Start Scotland programme for around a year but has been receiving in-work support for most of this time. Furloughed since the turn of the year, Chris started working with his adviser Elliot to find another job as he wanted a change despite being up against a very tough economic climate.

During his time at Triage, Chris received regular job search calls from his adviser, along with emails detailing vacancies in the retail and hospitality sector. He also attended a CV workshop class to improve his chances of success. In addition, Chris received the job support fund to help with costs for new work clothes, something he was very grateful for. 

Finally, Chris' efforts paid off when he managed to secure two jobs at Straiton Retail Park. Both roles are permanent positions; one part-time as a keyholder at Card Factory and another one at Subway as supervisor. Chris likes to work a lot and earn as much money as he can. Both shops are very close to each other and Chris believes he will be able to juggle them both.

Chris, who is still receiving in-work support from adviser Kirsty, is looking to learn new skills in both roles. Being back in work after months on furlough has improved his life dramatically. In a recent message, Chris has thanked us for our support and said he would recommend Triage to anyone who is out of work.