A new direction for Michael

Taxi driver Michael joined the JETS programme in November 2020 after losing his job due to the Covid pandemic. From the outset, he demonstrated his willingness to learn new skills and was motivated to find work. Although his confidence had taken a knock and he didn’t recognise the transferable skills he possessed, with a little guidance he began to widen his job search activities and think outside of his usual preferences.

Michael's self-belief improved once he realised that security work would be suitable for him and that career prospects in the sector were good. Taking on board the support offered, he undertook internal training with Triage’s skills division, completing a personal development and employability course. Units covered included career planning, interpersonal and self-management skills, personal presentation at work, and preparation for work. The course also covered looking at developing new skills, gaining employment, improving confidence, and time management skills.

After taking this course, Michael went on to complete SIA (Security Industry Authority) and First Aid training sourced through Triage with Vistech Services as security was a sector that he wanted to go into as a career. Michael passed all the training he completed. He was given support with job applications and interview opportunities. Finally, he was successful with Corps Security and we gave him financial help to buy his uniform.

Michael says: "Without the support of the JETS programme I would never have looked at security work as an option for me. I am very grateful for the help and support I received from my adviser at JETS. I am over the moon that I have a 
new job, a new start and a new career." 

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