New job for Sean at HMRC

Triage participant Sean had been caring for his wife for 15 years before she sadly passed away in 2019. He started trying to get back into work but felt his applications were being overlooked due to the fact he had been unemployed for so long. Sean, who was dealing with anxiety and depression, was understandably affected by the rejections, which badly influenced his self-esteem and motivation over time.

During his time at Triage, Sean was given daily support to discuss various applications and a recent recruitment process with HMRC, which he was particularly interested in. He asked adviser Elliot various questions throughout the process, and simply speaking to another adult helped to calm his anxiety and nerves. This new state of mind helped Sean to complete each task to the best of his ability.

A few months ago, Sean applied for a post at HMRC and put Elliot's name down as a referee. During the whole process, Sean had the firm belief that he would be offered an opportunity to prove himself and get back into work. In the end, his positive attitude paid off, as he successfully secured a position at HMRC.

Sean started at HMRC on March 15, 2021 as a customer agent, beginning his transition from Universal Credit to employment. We all hope that life will now be very different for Sean, who will receive 12 months of in-work support.

In a recent text message, Sean said he believes that without Triage’s support, he would have not managed to secure this job. We wish him the best of luck for the future.