Meet Ryan

Hi I’m Ryan, 18 and I was a part of the Triage Central Glasgow branch. 

I have currently moved on to employment which I feel wouldn’t have been possible without the Help of Triage. 

I got referred to Triage from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) where I was sent after finishing school as I didn’t move on in to College or University. 

During Triage I gained many useful skills such as C.V. building skills and Interview skills, these are things that will be useful all throughout my life. 

Whist on Triage I also got the opportunity to gain new qualifications that I didn’t get the chance to gain during School. While doing all the academic things with Triage I also gained more confidence as my trainer was always pushing me to be better and do the best I could. 

I am so thankful to all the warm, welcoming and fun loving people I have made lifelong friendships with on Triage. I highly recommend to anyone to join.