Restarting a career with Triage

Employment Advisor Paula talks us through our first Restart participant Claire.


Claire was the first Restart Scheme participant in our Middlesbrough office at the beginning of August and explained that she would like to work with animals or in a kitchen as she had previous experience in catering fore and enjoyed this. We agreed on some actions for her to work on, such as looking into qualifications required for working with animals and job searching for available roles in both catering and animal care. 

In the following weeks, Claire attended her appointment and we discussed that since there were not many roles available in the animal care area locally, we would have focused our attention on catering.

Claire applied for several roles and was let down by some vacancies being filled by internal staff or the roles not having enough hours as she ideally wanted full-time hours.

However, Claire was very eager to get into work and start a new chapter in her life. Therefore, as her advisor, I was motivated to do all I could to get her into work, such as dropping her CV into local businesses on my way home from work and cold calling businesses. 

On one of the occasions, I called a local business and asked if they had any vacancies available and explained that I had a brilliant candidate that would be perfect for the role. The business owner asked me to drop a CV into the restaurant. I took a hard copy CV and met the owner and explained to him what Triage offer. From this meeting, I had arranged with the owner of the restaurant an interview for Claire.

We arranged for some support for Claire that included new interview clothes. Before her interview, she came to our office and we walked down to the restaurant together. When Claire returned to the office, She told us that the interview had been successful and she had got the job.

Claire was over the moon with her new job start. I am exceptionally proud of her and the work she has done to gain “her dream job”. 

Claire is also grateful to all the team at Triage and brought a lovely Thank you card for all of us. 

I am sure Claire will be a success in her role and couldn’t be happier for her.