Nichola's testimonial

Meet our participant Nichola who joined the Fair Start Scotland programme in November 2020.

"I was unemployed since October 2010, I didn't really need to work as my husband had a good wage job. Unfortunately, in 2019 my marriage broke down and my circumstances massively changed. Follow a number of months without success, not helped by the impacts of the pandemic, my Job Centre Work Coach referred me to Triage‚Äôs Fair Start Scotland team in November 2020. 
The pressures of the last few years had badly affected my mental health and confidence but straight away the team from Triage worked with me to improve my confidence. They supported me by creating a new appealing CV, guided me through the application process and ensured I was fully prepared for any interview gained. 

My adviser also set me up on courses to gain interview skills and techniques, which gave me the confidence to sell the best version of myself. At this stage of the process, I also gained an administration qualification and in February 2021 I started volunteering to gain more confidence and experience. 

Despite some knockbacks from employers, my adviser remained positive and her action plan based on my areas of interest led to a paid employment offer as an administrative assistant. This has made a huge difference to my mental health which has, in turn, had a positive impact on my physical health as well. 
The Triage team have been brilliant, so supportive not just on the employment side of things but on everyday life too. They understand how much stress I was under and helped me deal with it. I will always sing the praises of Triage".