Ministerial visit to Triage

Last week Esther McVey (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) and local MP Stephen Kerr visited the Triage Head office in Stirling. The visit gave Triage’s Founder Kate Carnegie MBE the opportunity to explain how her company has performed and evolved over the past 20 years. The journey of Triage has been interesting and varied, from the beginnings of the flagship New Deal programme as the Private Sector Lead for Scotland to the substantial Work Programme and delivering employability and skills programmes for Skills Development Scotland.

Kate Carnegie said “ Over the past 20 years in whatever we do we have always anchored our efforts in our strong beliefs and values around the principle of Helping People Succeed”. This strong belief embedded in our values has resulted in the success of the company. At the meeting the topic of what is the future going to bring and how the employability, training and skills development landscape is rapidly changing. Naturally the minister was informed about some of the challenges that lie ahead. Sarah Sanderson (Triage’s Operations Director) highlighted the Apprenticeship programme, the good and the learnings that will come from it. Sarah added “ the key to delivering success for the people we are serving is building close relationships with employers to understand their needs”.

Triage operates not just in Scotland, with operations in the North East of England, the company is well positioned to provide the insight to many programmes on a Pan UK basis. The minister explained her views and took Triage’s observations on board.

Stephen Kerr said “ This was a really useful and productive meeting. The Minister learned about Triage and the excellent work they do in providing the skills people need to get into employment and progress in the workplace. By engaging with companies like Triage we can ensure the Government fully understands the challenges and creates a positive environment for them to succeed. Getting people into jobs and keeping them there is good for Stirling, Scotland and the UK.

Picture shows : Sarah Sanderson, Kate Carnegie MBE, Esther McVey and Stephen Kerr MP