Helping Miller succeed

Miller Robertson needed a helping hand when he left school at 17. Triage helped Miller gain the skills, qualifications and confidence he needed to help him get a job.

Miller first started with Triage on a Stage 2 course for 9 weeks where he completed his Level 3 Qualifications and moved into Stage 4 where he is currently completing Level 4 Working with Others and Employability and Customer Service Level 1.

After talking with Miller, we learned that he would like to work with dogs in a dog groomers. Triage contacted several dog grooming business owners in the area and after finding out that there was a business near his grandmothers home that he could possibly do a placement in, Triage contacted the owner, Tracey, who advised that she had only recently opened but she would be willing to give it a go. Triage visited Tracey and discussed the hours that Miller could do whilst also continuing with his qualification.

Miller did extremely well in his placement and both Tracey and Triage looked at ways to keep him there as an employee through several funding avenues. Fife Council came on board and helped Tracey with advice and ways in which she could employ Miller with assistance. Tracey offered Miller a job and he’s now happy to be working in a job he loves and continues to do very well.

Triage and Tracey are working together to help Miller gain further qualifications in First Aid a City and Guilds, to assist him in his new job.

Tracey plans to train Miller to the point where he is able to manage the existing shop when she expands into a second outlet within the next 5 years.

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