Pet grooming role is just the job for Miller

Our participant Miller came to Triage in Dunfermline in 2019 and commenced the Employability training Stage 2. At that time, Miller was not really ready to engage fully but he persevered and turned up every day, eventually completing his qualifications and progressing to Stage 3.

During Stage 3 Miller, who is passionate about pets and especially dogs, informed us that all he wanted was to work as a dog groomer. We could not change his mind or recommend anything else – dog grooming was what he really wanted to do. Miller completed his Level 4 qualifications and during this time his grandmother advised that a dog grooming salon was opening in Newmills and that he may get in there. 

We contacted Well Groomed to speak about Miller and it was arranged for him to complete a four-week placement as part of his Customer Service Qualification. Miller did very well during this time to the point that the employer, Tracey, was willing to offer him a position. Tracey had only recently started the business so we put her in touch with Fife Council to see what funding she could access to help her with wages. 

Fortunately, Fife Council had funding to assist and Miller was employed full-time. He is now in his second year with Well Groomed and is doing so well that he has recently won an award for young employee of the year.

Well done Miller!