Meet the team – Craig Steven

Today we meet Craig Steven, our new programme manager, who joined Triage in March 2021. 

"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to join Triage Central as programme manager. There were a number of factors involved in my decision to join Triage, the reputation of the company being one factor, the people and senior management being another. I have to say I have not been disappointed in the short time I have been here, everyone has been so welcoming, I already feel part of the organisation. 

"I come with over 15 years of experience working in Welfare to Work, starting way back in 2005 as an employment adviser. It certainly doesn’t feel like 15 years in employability, that’s for sure. Prior to Welfare to Work I had a career as a police officer then a very short period as a driving instructor, I guess an example of how you can change your career dramatically in middle age. 

"I have lived and worked for my entire life in and around Glasgow, so the transition to Highlands and Islands with Triage has been a learning curve. Getting my head around the actual geography of the area has been a challenge, however, I do hope to get a chance to explore the area when the opportunity presents itself after Covid.

"I am excited for the future and the future of Triage, looking forward to getting to know the area and the people."