Laura's story

Meet our participant Laura, who has been referred to the JETS programme in February and since then has expressed her interest to work in retail or production. 

Laura’s JETS adviser worked with her to update the CV and also to showcase her transferrable skills. Laura was incredibly enthusiastic and engaging throughout her time with JETS and her hard work and determination paid off when she was offered a job with B&M as a Retail Assistant in April.

Unfortunately, due to a reduction in the employer’s staff funding the following week, they were unable to take on more staff. Despite this disappointment,  Laura bounced back and used the positive feedback from her interview to fuel her in the job search. She set herself weekly targets for applications and utilised the support received on each appointment.

When a well-paid production role close to Laura’s home in June came in through our Business Development team, Laura was eager to go forward with it. After having another successful interview, she was finally offered the role.

Laura attended each session with her JETS adviser with an open mind, clear goals and a determination to succeed. Coupled with the expertise shown in each interaction, Laura superbly channelled her self-belief and confidence, gaining the employment all her hard work deserved.

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