“I would recommend Fair Start Scotland to Anyone“

Our participants Robert explains why Triage's programme is different from similar job seeker's services.


"When the pandemic started at the beginning of 2020, I was in full time employment with my daughter in nursery going 
from day to day as a single parent. As lockdown hit and the economy and schools came to a close, I found myself out of work and in homeless accommodation. Having spent my whole life working and having served in the military for 13years, I suddenly found myself in front of a brick wall trying to get out of the hole I’d landed in. After months of homeless accommodation, benefit support and job centre phone calls to check your progress, I really thought life couldn’t get worse. Then the mother of my child sudden death kicked things into another level. Now a sole parent, no job, no home and everything being locked down in the world. 

I was contacted by Fair Start Scotland by recommendation from the JobCentre who asked if it was something I’d want 
to engage with. At first I thought I wasn't sure about it  but I quickly realised from the first phone call that it was someone on the phone looking to genuinely help me. 
As each phone call passed and the weeks progressed, I was finding myself more motivated to find a job that worked for me, with the help and guidance and also direction to new ways of finding work that was specific to what I was qualified or experienced to do. 
I applied for a couple of positions that normally I probably wouldn’t have but my focus changed due to the pandemic 
and I was more willing to be flexible and find new opportunities. I secured an interview for a job that not only fitted with my qualifications and experience, but my work life balance being a sole parent and balancing school closures with a child who had just started in Primary one. 

I would recommend Fair Start Scotland to anyone as I feel they have the balance of finding work through communication 
with people and the balance of dealing with individuals needs. I would also pay a big thanks to my designated work coach Dan, he was always willing and listened to my needs and engaged well to find what was specific for my needs, his drive to find me work for what was an ever demanding and closing down industry this motivated me and was a big factor in finding the work I needed and also wanted".