Helping Michael Succeed

Sometimes you need that extra help with confidence and skills to achieve your goals. This is what happened to Michael who finished school in 2019 and despite attending some training prior to Triage, he hadn’t had any success gaining employment.  

When Michael came to Triage he was very shy and did not like traditional group or zoom classes but preferred 1-1 engagement; However, he was highly motivated and determined to change his circumstances. Being interested in the Motor Sector, Michael chose Mechanics as part of his Customer Service qualification and excelled in looking further into the codes of practice and conduct within this sector.

Unfortunately he was unsuccessful in gaining an apprenticeship straight away within the Motor Industry however was determined and persevered. With the help of his advisor, he worked hard to improve his skills and overall confidence and as a result, he decided to apply for college where will be studying “Introduction to Mechanics and Engineering”. This path will be placing him within the industry with the hope of gaining the apprenticeship he would like.

After being stuck for a while, thanks to Triage, Michael finally has gained the knowledge and the confidence needed to take a further step in his education and we are sure that he will succeed professionally as soon as his college course is completed.

If you, like Michael, need some help to find the best path for you, get in touch to speak with one of our advisors. We are here to help.


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