Jordan on course to future success

Our participant Jordan joined the Skills Development Scotland programme delivered by Triage. Here, she talks about her experience with the programme and how it has helped her.

"When I started the Skills Development Scotland programme at Triage, I didn't have a lot of confidence with anything. My self-confidence was really low and I had a hard time at school due to my dyslexia and not getting enough one-to-one time with support teachers.  

"At the beginning of the programme, I focused on numeracy, and trust me, I was really scared as maths has never been my forte at school. However, with a bit of trust in Yvette I decided to give it a chance. The first-ever task was really simple, I had to take the temperature for a whole week and register it into a spreadsheet. I never thought that I would be excited to do maths! It started to get more complicated as the weeks passed by, but Yvette explained everything a little better so that it never was really too difficult. As I was starting to get more answers right, I became more confident in myself and even if there was a good bit of question to go through, with a little help and someone else believing in me, I passed my numeracy test. 

"My customer service training was easy at the start, then it became a bit harder, but I started to accept that it was okay to ask for help, and then I also realised that Triage isn't just a course. It’s not just them making sure you get all your training done, it’s more like a family. They help you with your work, make sure it’s done properly and also you know how to go to an interview dressed appropriately. You learn these things and use them daily. 

"Throughout my time at Triage, Yvette and Alma have both made Monday and Friday phone calls to make sure that my mental health was good, and always asked how the workload was for me. 

"Another thing that I learned to do at Triage was to apply the training questions to real-life scenarios to help me understand the question better and give good answers. This approach made the learning process much easier.

"My experience with Triage has been amazing in all aspects. I would recommend this programme to anyone, especially to people who need that little bit more help."