Job in the care sector is a dream role for Jamie

Triage participant Jamie had a dream; he wanted to start a career in the care sector.  Initially, he was contracted to work at Tesco until late February as part of a Christmas recruitment drive. His original contract was for 7.5 hours but he proved to be such a hard worker that it wasn’t long before he started covering absences at the main store. Eventually, he was invited to cover shifts at another Hartlepool store. 

Over Christmas, Jamie worked between 30 and 40 hours a week and had additional hours timetabled so he was able to earn a decent wage. The manager at a local Tesco Express store was so impressed he asked him to cover regularly and started training him up on the tills. 

Meanwhile, Jamie continued to pursue his dream job of working in the care sector and persevered with his job search and application activities. We helped him throughout the whole process, from his CV improvement to interview preparations as we knew how important it was for him to find employment in this sector.

Jamie's efforts finally paid off when he was invited to an interview and secured a new position with a care provider in Hartlepool. 

Well done Jamie, your resilience and determination have shone through!