Helping Jamie Succeed

Jamie was referred to the Work & Health Programme and worked with his employment advisor Donna on skills such as building confidence and interview techniques.

During this period, he also completed a Personal Development and Employability Skills course here at Triage which covers the following:
• Confidence.
• Self Esteem.
• Career planning.
• Transferable skills.
• Motivation.
• Attitude.
• Planning for personal development.
• Self-Development.
• Self-management skills.
• Action Planning

Donna discussed a vacancy at Morrisons sourced by Vicky and an interview was arranged with Jamie who successfully passed it and completed the following induction.
Jamie's life has drastically changed; he is now a key worker working in a local supermarket distribution centre and has been employed since the end of March to provide support to his local community during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Donna who is now preriodically contacting Jamie for In Work Support, has noticed how Jamie has grown in confidence and motivation.

Well done Jamie!
We wish you all the best in your role.

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