Jobseeker Chris gets a 'pizza the action'

Chris joined the Fair Start Scotland programme in October 2020, having been referred by his work coach due to the length of time he had been unemployed. Due to a health condition, Chris had been isolating during the Covid pandemic, which had seriously limited his ability to work for well over six months.

We began looking at Chris' employability skills and his breadth of experience from previous roles. We focused on key areas such as updating his CV and constructing a cover letter in preparation for applying for jobs. We discussed which job search websites he should use and talked about other opportunities which are not always posted on the main sites. This was something Chris appreciated.

In addition, Chris was actively looking within his local community for any positions advertised the 'old-school way', whether it be posters in shop windows or word of mouth. This is how he found the position at Domino's Pizza where he is currently working. Chris did not hear anything from Domino's for quite some time after applying for the role, so his employment adviser continued to work with him to assist him in his job search. 

Meanwhile Chris continued to apply for positions elsewhere until he finally heard from the manager of the Domino’s Pizza franchise in Elgin. After speaking with the manager he was offered the position based on a set number of hours each week. Initially, this was 16 hours but during his first month, Chris was averaging 35 hours per week with the extra time he worked.

During regular weekly appointments with Triage, Chris was going from strength to strength until halfway through his second month he was given his permanent contract and opportunities to learn more about the business. In the future, this may lead to additional responsibilities within the restaurant.

On a personal level, Chris has been able to upgrade his car and look for a new home thanks to his new regular income. Not only does it cover the basic requirements he needs, it also gives him other options in life which he could not afford before.

Well done Chris!