From no Job to 2 job proposals thanks to Triage

Carla came to the programme with no previous paid work experience, apart from a small amount of voluntary work. Her lack of work experience was the main barrier. 
In Jan 2020, she attended and completed a Customer Service course with Triage in which we had employment opportunities attached. This was for positions at Flamingoland in which Carla was successful in securing and due to start in March 2020. 

Due to the Covid -19 lockdown, this job start was cancelled  leaving Carla extremely disappointed as she was over the moon for finally been successful with finding employment. 
During the following weeks, Employment Advisor - Yvonne - maintained regular contact with Carla and continued to offer her intensive job search support.  Carla was keen to do any work and discussed with Yvonne a placement in order to gain recent experience. The follow up for this was a four week work placement for Poundstretcher in Redcar. Unfortunately the employer was unable to keep her on due to funds and budgets issues but expressed a very positive feedback on the quality of Carla's work. 
Carla continued her job search and Yvonne arranged for her to have support with interview techniques. A one-to-one session was provided by trainer Johnny Hughes, who helped her to maintain her motivation and upskill her abilities and knowledge. 

Later in November, Carla popped again into the Poundstretcher just to do her shopping and the manager recognised her. After a brief conversation, he offered her a paid job which started on17/11/2020. 
Carla was only doing one or two shifts but since she wanted to work more hours, she also contacted Class Fundraising herself where she previously had an interview arranged by her Employment Advisor and they offered her a job too! She started there on 20/11/2020. 
So from losing a job due to lockdown, she has come out with two jobs (one originating from a placement arranged by Triage) and the other from a Triage vacancy through our business development team.