Finding the right employment for Daniel

Daniel who has Asperger’s Syndrome , came on programme for support to move him towards employment. 
Despite having worked in the past, he never worked for long-term positions or in some fields that he particularly wanted to get back into. He lacks a lot of confidence in applying for work and tends to be able to see the reasons not to apply for a job more readily than the reasons to apply. He does not have a lot of faith in his own abilities. 
Keyworker Lynne Finney has been working with Daniel since July and has built up a good relationship with him. Initially Daniel had not been applying for jobs due to Covid but over time, he became more comfortable with the idea and had has applied for a couple of jobs more to get comfortable with the process than to secure the jobs.

Meanwhile Daniel also completed some courses on areas that he felt he might be interested in namely retail/warehouse, 
therefore Lynne didn’t hesitate to put him in touch with an agent from Taskmaster, Amanda, who offered him a start date of the next day in a food production facility in Dysart. Daniel engaged really positively with Amanda – gave Lynne permission to inform her of his Asperger’s Syndrome and responded immediately to every request. He checked the times of buses to make sure that he could get there – this was all despite a very evident uncertainty on his part about this job. On the other side, Amanda suspected that Daniel might not like the environment there as there was a lot of non-English speakers and not a friendly atmosphere, however she was adamant about giving him that chance to make his own mind up. 
Daniel attended the first day and worked the entire shift but he did not like it. He went to the supervisor, thanked her for 
the opportunity and informed her that he would not return the next day. 
Lynne then got in touch with the manager of a department store in Leven to enquire about a vacancy for Daniel. 
As Daniel mentioned previously that he doesn’t want much customer interaction she thought this could be a good fit for him as at the store they differentiate between customer service and replenishment roles. The manager promised that he will bring Daniel in for an interview, reassuring that he has supported the development of other staff with Asperger’s Syndrome in the past and feels he can do the same for Daniel.
Daniel welcomed the news very positively and while he knows this might not be until later in 2021 he has started preparing 
for the opportunity. 
In order to support him with this, Lynne asked Daniel about his opinion of his disability. David confessed that he sees it as a hindrance. Lynne then asked him to list the aspects of it that makes him see it in this way. Once he had finished she asked him to try to see those traits from an employer’s perspective – then she fed them back to him and he realised that most of characteristics of his Asperger’s are desirable to an employer. This approach really determined a change of prospective in Daniel’s mind.

Daniel is currently continuing to prepare for an interview and to see himself in a more positive light. He is completing Digital College courses that will support his goal to work in the department store. We are also going to look into volunteering in the early months of 2021 to try to build up some confidence in interacting with people.