Deirdre sets sights on career in nursing

Deirdre was referred to Triage from Jobcentre Plus and had been through a few very difficult years. As a full-time carer for her mother, she had been unable to work. In addition, Deirdre has complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to a series of bad experiences during her childhood. The condition affects her life and how she deals with challenges as she often struggles to focus and keep concentration.

Unfortunately, a few months after Deirdre started the programme at Triage, her mother sadly passed away. Although it was expected, this loss represented an additional stressful event that affected Deirdre’s mental stability. During this period, we did our best to offer support as we were concerned that Deirdre would quit the programme due to stress, and ultimately get back to square one. Deirdre kept attending but a few months later another unsettling event happened; over the Christmas season, she broke up with her partner and decided to move out and live by herself. Once again, we were there to help her and offer any form of support she needed to get through this difficult time.

When speaking with Deirdre about her employment expectations, it was clear she had an interest in becoming a professional nurse, due to the experience she had gained while caring for her mother. To support her to achieve this goal, we helped her apply to the Open University and begin working towards her nursing qualification which she is still completing.

In addition, we managed to find her employment as a support worker for people with disabilities and we are covering the costs of her uniform and transport to work. This employment not only keeps Deirdre busy but also offers her a way to learn more skills that will be useful in a future nursing career. 

Needless to say, Deirdre is extremely happy and grateful as her life now seems to have taken a very positive turn. When we contacted her recently, she told us: "I'm on my way to work and I feel like dancing! I am absolutely loving it." We are incredibly proud of her and what she has achieved so far. When we met Deirdre, at the very beginning, she was struggling and her past was affecting her everyday life; now she is like a new person with remarkable motivation and life aspirations.

Well done Deirdre!