A new start for Gary

Our participant Gary went into work quickly but unfortunately he had had to leave his job due to marriage break down and housing troubles. When he got in touch with us, he was so confused about when he was moving into his new council house that he thought he might lose his accommodation and become homeless.  We helped Gary with the process of getting his new accommodation sorted and we also offered support with his application to get the grant to complete furbishing the flat. 
As a result, Gary felt immediately much better and thanked us for getting to the bottom of all this for him and finding out 
the correct information to apply for the grant successfully. It was clear that Gary needed just some support to get back 
on track. 
Once the problem with his accommodation was resolved, Gary did not want to wait and he immediately asked for help with his CV and job applications. The very same day he started applying for jobs with his improved CV, he got a telephone interview and an induction day the following week. 
Gary is now full time employed and he is moving into his new home shortly. We are staying in contact with him to see if he needs any further assistance. Its remarkable how he has turned his life around in a matter of weeks. 
Being happier than ever, Gary is now talking about saving money for holidays and being able to do things with his kids.