For three years, 24-year-old Amy Farrow looked for work, applying for up to 40 jobs a week in a number of fields from retail to the restaurant industry. After participating in the Work Programme With Triage Amy succesfully found full time employment.

Amys says, “As well as putting me through various courses such as food hygiene, health and safety and retail, Triage also helped me with my CV, job applications and interview preparation. This was great for me as I was quite nervous so they practiced interview techniques and gave me advice on how to present and conduct myself at the interview.”

Amy says she is very happy at McDonald’s where she gets on-the-job training and her prospects are good. “This is the best job I’ve had and it’s made a huge difference to my life. I’m meeting loads of new people and now I’m getting a full wage I’m able to move into my own house. If I hadn’t gone to Triage I wouldn’t have this job now and wouldn’t have been able to do all these things.”

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