Grangemouth-based Oran Environmental Solutions, one of the UK’s foremost waste and recycling companies, worked closely with Triage’s Falkirk office to recruit forty-nine people from the local area on the back of expansion due to recent contract wins. Triage provided mainly machine operators, production line pickers, housekeeping and quality control staff to Oran ES who needed to nearly double their existing staff to meet increased demand.

Forbes Mullholland, Operations Manager for Oran ES, says recent contract wins from Fife and Falkirk Councils meant the company had to introduce a round-the-clock operation requiring four complete shifts of people. “With more businesses and councils adopting a Zero Waste strategy, we are picking up a lot of new contracts. We have a good relationship with Triage and have worked closely with them to recruit more people, particularly from the local community. This has allowed us to gather the best people to maximise production on the line and to drive it even further.”

Triage’s Jacqueline Thomson says it was a successful partnership that demonstrated how local people could use the professional recruitment advice, employability skills and career guidance available through the Work Programme to regain their confidence and secure a job.

“Oran ES is a fast-growing business in Grangemouth and it is fantastic that they have been able to recruit so many people from the local area. There are many people looking for work that might be exactly who employers are looking for, it’s a matter of bringing them together so everyone can benefit. We want employers to be fully aware of the skills and qualities of candidates as well as the package of financial and practical support on offer and how this can make a real impact on their business and the lives of the people they recruit. “

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