Triage has a strong track record of success in supporting people back into long-term employment.  We can produce a personalised Action Plan which gives you a range of programmes to choose from such as professional recruitment advice, employability skills, mentoring and, once you start a new job, an in-work support service.

We work closely with Jobcentre Plus who refer eligible jobseekers to the Work Programme which provides support, work experience and training for up to two years to help them find a job and keep it.

Certified Employability Awards

We also deliver contracts on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency and Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Our Work Programme clients have access to our Skills Funding Agency contract in the North East of England while we also deliver employability awards to our Work Programme clients in Scotland on behalf of the SQA.

“Finding a job gave me a real sense of achievement.  To begin with I didn’t think I would ever work again and thought I’d never want to work in education again.   However by going through the process at Triage Central, my attitude changed and now I don’t see it so much as going back through a closed door but finding a new door to walk through.”

Peter McInnes, teacher