After three years of unemployment due to ill-health, Peter McInnes is back working as a drama teacher in a Dundee secondary school after participating in the Work Programme delivered by Triage.

Although born in Dundee, Peter’s career in staff training and development took him to Edinburgh and Fife for thirty years before he returned to his home city due to illness. Peter says the Work Programme gave him a sense of value and worth as well as the confidence to go back into the world of work.

“Finding a job gave me a real sense of achievement. To begin with I didn’t think I would ever work again and thought I’d never want to work in education again. However by going through the process, my attitude changed and now I don’t see it so much as going back through a closed door but finding a new door to walk through.”

In particular, Peter says he valued the continuity of having an allocated Work Consultant and the opportunity to acquire and improve IT and computer skills. While he was waiting to start his teaching job at a Dundee high school, he also worked at Triage in a role which saw him taking clients through the same process he himself had completed.

Triage’s Lisa Gardner, says Peter’s achievements are a fantastic example of how the Work Programme can turn lives around. “Peter is a wonderful role model for people who have been unemployment for a length of time and want to get back into the workplace. I am delighted that even though he now has a full-time job, that he is keen to continue working with us at Triage by sharing his experience with our other clients on the Work Programme looking to regain their confidence and secure a job.”

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